Life Choices

For the community presentation I went to church at the St. Stephen’s Catholic Church in Stevens Point.  I had never been there before so it was an interesting experience for me.  The first thing I noticed about the presentation was that the priest was not from about here.  I believe that was from France, since he had a very thick French accent.  It wasn’t that distracting but it helped me to pay more attention and stay on my toes early in the morning.  One thing that was very distracting for me was the strange echo in the building.  I am not sure if most churches have this echo but I wasn’t used to it and I had a very hard time understanding a lot of what he was saying.

As i watched him speak I felt like he either was very well practiced or was just very good at making up what he was going to say.  He never really looked at notes expect when he was reading from the Bible.  I could tell that he has been practicing the art of speaking for a long time because when spoke he used a lot of vocal variety.  You could feel comfortable when he spoke, like you were watching him the television, he was so professional.  The priest is good proof that practice make perfect and it only takes a little time to improve your speaking abilities.

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