More Than Just a Touching Story.

This Ted video told a touching story of a woman named Stacey Kramer. Stacey did use visuals and did not use notecards; but she told a story, used hand gestures, used vocal variety and had the audience on their toes waiting for an answer. Although this speech was only three minutes long, I felt like every second was filled with strong expressive words that I think everyone related to.

Stacey recited her speech from memory which left me in awe that she could perform this speech all from memory and keep her thoughts organized. In the book, the author suggests that the speaker be able to memorize the speech so thoroughly that the speaker will be able to concentrate on communicating with their audience and not concentrating on remembering the words. I never felt like she didn’t know what she was going to say or that she got lost in her thoughts.

She told a story and kept the subject a secret by calling it a gift.  I think this was a smart way of keeping the audience on their toes and kept them listening very closely.  But I also think that this can only be achieved when giving a short speech like Stacey’s speech, because you can only keep the audience in the dark for so long before they lose their focus.  When she finally revealed that this “gift” was a brain tumor, the audience looked startled and sympathetic, giving the conclusion of her speech a remarkable ending.

In the course of the point when Stacey revealed the “gift” of the brain tumor she used visuals to give the audience an indication of how serious the material was.  First a picture of a biohazard bag, a picture of her brain and finally the scar afterwards.  These visuals added to the affect Stacey wanted to give the audience and also giving herself credibility that this did happen to her.

Stacey’s delivery was great; her body movements included hand gestures and compassionate facial expressions.  At one point during the speech Stacey even tears up while talking about her brain tumor.  All of these techniques add to the delivery and show how important this topic is to the speaker.  Also, as a listener I felt like I was right there with Stacey while she goes through the pain and emotions of the brain tumor.

This speech was short and sweet but it had such a strong story and meaning behind it that gave it more depth than some of the other speeches I watched that were five times longer.  I learned a lot from watching Stacey Kramer speak about a very private part of her life.

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One Response to More Than Just a Touching Story.

  1. ChangWooUWSP says:

    Who is Stacey Kramer? It might be better if you made a hyperlink to her profile.

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