Obstacles can only Slow you down

Amy Purdy knows all about obstacles and over coming them. She has taught me not to give up; ever. Even after she lost both of her legs below the knee due to bacterial meningitis, she was driven to follow her dreams. As she put it, she is the author and her life is a book. When she lost her legs she just had to think of a new beginning to a new chapter. So, she continued her dream of snowboarding.

Because this topic is so emotional and personal to Amy, this speech is very successful. This is a story of her own triumph. She displayed her emotions very well too. There was even a brief moment when she teared up. However, this did not distract from the message she was conveying to her audience.

This is Amy’s life story and who knows her better than herself. She did not require the use of notecards which was very appropriate because she should already know everything about herself. However, she was well rehearsed and knew what she was going to say.

Amy was so expressive and animated in her presentation. She walked back and forth to engage her entire audience on a more personal note. Her gestures, which Prof. Woo explained in my oral communications class, were very affective and kept her audience and myself interested as they should.

Conclusions are a significant part of a speech. As my instuctor Dane said, “your conclusion can either make or break your speech.” Amy went in full circle in her conclusion and related her topic back to her introduction. She is the author of her life and she is taking control and “living beyond” her “limits.”  Which is something everyone is capable of.

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