One Sunday Morning

Last Sunday I attended a Catholic church mass at St. Stephen near downtown Stevens Point. Throughout the hour long mass I found it hard to understand the Priest’s French accent, as he talked quite fast as he stumbled through words. However, I understand that accents and a second language are an incredibly difficult thing to over come, and this fact in itself almost made the church experience more spiritual. It was a unique experience that I had only encountered once before, at Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, France this past summer. It’s times like these where one realizes that communication isn’t always about language, but more so the tone and passion in the speaker’s voice, and their body language. Throughout his sermon he maintained eye contact, used a lot of vocal variety, pauses for a dramatic emphasis, and made sure to relate to the audience. He kept the whole sermon on his main topic of life choices. What really needed to be improved however was his body gestures, he could work on his accent or slow down his sermon a little bit, and most importantly he could have spoke up a little louder as it was hard to hear him in the back pews of the church. Overall I found his presentation during this mass to be very inspiring and well presented.

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