Optical Illusions: Different to Each Eye

This TED video was made to explain the complexity of visual perception. In this speech, Beau Lotto explains that everyone looks at things differently, therefore things are perceived differently due to the way our brains process information. He did not use notecards, but rather explained his research with lots of visual aids.

His speaking style is very calming, and yet it keeps you intrigued. The vocal variety and pauses are well rehearsed and seem natural. He also informs you that he is very credible by all the research he explains from his lab and the fact that he uses his visual aids in order to keep your attention. His visual aids, rather than distracting, make his speech so much more interesting. You can see his points in action!

Beau also holds your attention by making the audience participate in his visual aids. For example, at one point in the speech, he asks the audience their opinion on what color they see on specific boards which have different color shades. This, not only makes the audience understand the point he is trying to make that one’s retina sees visual information as the same, but makes the audience think in amazement at the points he made.

To sum things up, this speech is very informative and actually pretty interesting. I would definitely recommend watching this if you want to see how to present an interesting topic and keep the audience’s attention. Definitely keep an eye out for his vocal variety and use of pauses.

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