What’s Best for One Person isn’t Best for Everyone

When most people hear the name Mike Rowe, they think of the show Dirty Jobs on the Discovery Channel.  This is because Mike Rowe has done a great job making this show a success.  In the show he travels the United States doing dirty jobs that people do everyday for a living.  All the jobs he participates in are blue collar jobs which many people hope that they never have to do.  In this speech from TED.com he discusses one particular job that changed his way of thinking for the entire show.

This speech was very interesting because of the way he presented it.  Throughout the entire speech Mike Rowe used humor to help get his point across.  Even thought the point he was making wasn’t funny at all, the humor kept me interested through the entire speech.  The point that he was making was about how the jobs that are being created in the United States currently, aren’t jobs that people want and the blue collar working is starting to disappear.  The story that he tells in the speech is about how when he was filming a show for Dirty Jobs, the way he thought was the right to do something was actually the wrong way.  The way he thought it was supposed to be done was actually a lot worse than the way he ended up doing it.

This  relates well to his message because what many people think would be the right way to do something, is actually the wrong way.  The same goes for what many people think the right thing for the job market is, but the country wouldn’t be able to function without blue collar workers.  Mike Rowe does a great job getting this message across in his speech using humor and Pathos, Logos and Ethos.  If there was one tip I would give him to make his speech better it would be to not look at the ground so often.

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