Be the change you want to see in the world –Gandhi

I went to the Martin Luther King, JR. day community celebration held at SPASH on Monday, January 16, 2012. It was a very interesting presentation which included the national anthem, “the negro national anthem”, singing by the SPASH choir, and the community choir, and finally a performance of excerpts from 10 Perfect: A Lynching Survivor’s Story. Patrick Sims was the man who performed the one man show and it was amazing to watch. Patrick used so many hand gestures and so many different voices in his performance. It was so much fun to watch and was so entertaining the entire performance. Patrick portrays eighteen different characters in his one man show. The show is about James Cameron’s early life and how he matured from teenager to a civil rights activist, and how he survived a mob lynching. The general purpose of Patrick’s play was to inform the audience about the life of James Cameron. The central idea of the play was to shock the audience by showing them what the country was like before and during the civil rights movement, and how cruel and racists were.  Patrick did such a fantastic job portraying all eighteen characters and really did a great with the many emotions those characters went through.

I thought that the presentation that Patrick put on was very well planned. It started with music and speaking with words up on an overhead screen that were very hard hitting and played to the crowds emotions. He is a truly talented man to be able to put on a one man show and keep the attention of such a large crowd. However, I thought that some of the music he used however was questionable and out of place, it made me wonder if it was actually part of the presentation or someone’s cell phone going off.  Also sometimes the music made it hard for me to understand what he was saying since it was quite loud. There were so many characters in the short time that we were watching it at times was hard to follow and remember what was going on.

The whole service at SPASH was very fun to be a part of, the songs, the acting, and the recognition of the people in the community who do so much charity work and give back to the community. We also learned some fun facts about Martin Luther King, JR. such as he was a vegetarian, he was the youngest person to win the Nobel Peace Prize at the age of 35, and that he was a “Trekkie” (a fan of the original star trek). I am very happy that I got to go to this Martin Luther King Jr. program because it was something that many people do not make enough time for in their lives to remember and recognize the great leaders of our past.


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