Better Together.

On Sunday I went to the church I regularly attend while I am at school. Woodlands Church in Plover. Senior Pastor Brian Berg was preaching this week and he did a sermon out of Corinthians 1:10-2:5. I have always enjoyed Pastor Bergs sermons I have always found them to grab my attention, in some other services I have been to like in my hometown I have found my self wanting to fall asleep. Past Bergs sermon this week was no different, it was an interesting topic about division among people. There usually isn’t division in the church it self but among religions different church have different beliefs. The main point of the sermon was to talk about how we all have a common belief and that is in Jesus Christ. That binds us together no matter what other divisions we may have.

Pastor Berg in my opinion is a great speaker, he uses hand gestures that engage the audience and he really gets involved with his sermon. You can tell that he is very passionate about what he is preaching and he wants to share that passion with the congregation. Once he got in to his sermon and out of the stories and bible readings he had great eye contact, he made sure that he looked at the entire church, he paced from side to side of the stage to make sure that he was talking to the whole congregation. I think this is an effective technique for him to use because it includes the whole audience. I have sat in a few different spots in the church and when Pastor Berg is preaching I never feel excluded. Outside of his delivery I thought the sermon itself was very well written, the introduction was great, it was a story about a fight that happened in a church and it really grabbed my attention. Which I think when preaching a sermon that is a half hour long  you need to get the attention of your audience to keep them for long.

Although I think Pastor Berg is a great speaker I think that has come with the practice he clearly practices a lot because he has been preaching for a long time and usually has to have a speech/sermon prepared every week.

There are a few things that I think he could improve on over all. He gets lost sometimes during his speech and he stutters through parts, I think that if he just took his time and refocused and found where he was in his speech he would be fine. In the beginning he read a lot from the notes he had, it was a story that he was telling so I think that might be why.  There was one thing that I think can be a negative and a positive for his sermons, he paces the stage. As I mentioned as a strength before but at some points I think this is distracting but at other times I think it is necessary to keep peoples attention, if he were to stand in one spot for the whole sermon people would lose focus.

I enjoy Pastor Bergs sermons and I think I can learn a lot from his as far as public speaking goes.

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