Church Speech

Last weekend I went to my hometown church Most Blessed Sacrament in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.  On this Sunday we were celebrating the epiphany which is the last day of the Christmas season.  On this day the bible tells us that the three wise men come to present their gifts to the baby Jesus.

My pastor Father Jim is a great speaker in my opinion because he gets the audiences’ attention.  During this Christmas mass he took all the children around the church to collect the pieces to the nativity set that was empty in front of church and this was all because he wanted his Christmas homily to be exciting.  So he did the same thing with the wise men.  He also liked that he explained what the meaning of the gifts: gold, frankincense, and myrrh.  Gold was a gift for a king, frankincense was to appoint him a priest or religious, and finally the one I was confused with the myrrh.  Myrrh is used for funerals and burying dead people.  Myrrh is to represent Jesus’ humanity because every human dies and is buried.

Lets go back to Father Jim’s homily.  He used a great attention grabber like I said before.  Also I believe he had great eye contact which probably took along time to master.  He also used some gestures, but not to many that were distracting.  Finally, he had vocal varied that peaked my interest.  Which is always good in my book because that means I will not fall asleep in church.  I am glad I used Father Jim as my example because he is a very good speaker.

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