Education and Religion

I’ve known Pat Boelhower for quiet some time for she is the Associate Director of the Christian Foundation at the Holy Family Parish in Fond du Lac, WI.  She has been the “principle” of the religious schooling department of the parish since I began attending sunday school.  She is very knowledgeable and has given many speeches/prayers during church ceremonies for which I’ve attended.  The intent of her informative speech on January 8th was to tell us about the possible moving of the school to a newly built church on the other side of town.

She began by introducing herself very professionally which was appropriate given the topic and she than previewed the main points in which why moving would be beneficial to the church.  The first point was that the school building is old and out of date, needing repairs.  The second was the money they would generate for the new church given that the average cost of sunday school is about $100 dollars a child.  Lastly the old building could be used for other uses such as a food donation center and rented for other community benefits also generating money for the church.  A question that was raised was “is increasing the cost of sunday school to cover repair bills viable for the old building?” and she very acknowledged the question based on the feedback from parents saying that the cost of sunday school is already high, and is sufficient for the cost of teachers and materials.

Given that Pat has had much experience with the church and how the school works she was professional in her presentation by informing people who were interested in the topic.  The Powerpoint added to her presentation vivid images of about how much money would be made by renting the old building out compared to staying and repairing it.  She is not much of an exciting presenter in that she is monotone and lacks gestures but overall she did present very well in explaining the situation.  I always look forward into watching her speak about problems because it seems like she knows any relevant material to the presentation.

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One Response to Education and Religion

  1. ChangWooUWSP says:

    It sounds like she built her credibility well and explained the material well. It is good that you could apply your knowledge about the speech to an actual speech. Good!!

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