Sunday Service

I attended Sunday servies at Woodlands Church in Plover.  The general purpose of the semon was “Better Togehter.”  It was a part of a series dealing with 1 Corinthians.  He had three main points throughout the sermon: The Supremacy of our Leader, The Superiority of our Message and The Simplicity of our Calling.

The attention getter, after making a statement about the Packer game that will be happening later that day, was a quote.  The thesis was stated and there was a transition into the first topic.  He used quotes and examples from the Bible throughout the speech. Along with quotes from a story he included.  In his conclusion he summed up the purpose of the day’s sermon.  He had great eye contact throught the entire time and used vocie variety.  He had hand gestures and his appearance, sweater and slacks, was appropriate.  He used repetition in his sermon along with humor.  He kept most of the audience’s attention throughout the speech. He didn’t say “um” or “uh” that I noticed.

Way he could improve his sermon is to preview his main points and well are review them in the end.  He didn’t state his credibility, but I don’t think he needed to.  Also, he could tie his conclusion back to the begining.   Overall he did an excellent job giving  his sermon.

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