A Saturday Night at Nativity Parish

I spent my Saturday night at the church I belong to called Nativity of Our Lords Parish, in Green Bay, Wisconsin.  I haven’t been to my church in a while so the priest was new to me, his name was Father John Harper

He did a really great job on getting the audiences attention, he started by asking a raise of hand from people who were joining from out of town, becuase of the Packer game on Sunday.  He then made a joke about if their were Giants fans in the building that they should say their prayers for the Giants so that don’t loose too bad tomorrow. (Sunday)  He was only joking though and made the audience laugh.

Father John Harper talked that when we realize where god and when god is calling us we have to be humble enough to say lead and guide me lord and I will follow.  Jesus changes our identity, if people are so mad then he wants you to be a saint so follow him and he will guide you.  We need to recognize Jesus as our lord and savior.

I thought that Father John Harper presented the gospel perfectly, he talked loud and clearly and in a tone to of which he was explaining so we could understand.  He changed the tone in his voice a lot, from soft, to meaningful, and loud.  He got the audience to imagine things in the world in a different perspective by asking us questions.

I thought he gave really good eye contact  and had a good posture throughout the speech, he didn’t just stand in one spot, he walked around, showed the audience that he loved what he was talking about and used gestures while explaining.

I really enjoyed going to church and really focusing on how Father John Harper presented the speech because I have never paid that much attention to the pastor before.


About kbeck472

I am a sophomore at UWSP, I am nineteen years old and I am from Green Bay, Wisconsin.
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