On Sunday morning I attended mass in Neillsville, Wi where I am from. I have not been to mass for a while and got to see the new priest give a mass for the first time. His name was Rev. Varkey V Joseph 

The priest is not from America he was very hard to understand. You really had to listen and kind of piece things together too make them make sense. His sermon was talking about how God and Jesus should be thought of as two different people not one. That is why they call him the son of god. During this sermon he did a very good job of telling a story from the bible. Then he related it to everyday life story that you could put into a more real image. Also, he added a joke in there to make everybody laugh a little bit. He was very good at using gestures and pauses.

One bad thing I noticed was he did not really change his tone to much. He stayed the same voice for just about the whole sermon, which makes it easier to not pay attention to him. Which as a Priest that is not what he wants to do. Overall I thought he did very well at presenting throughout the whole mass.

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