Math Class

The other day, I chose to go sit in a classroom to critique a teacher on his public speaking skills.  I decided to sit in a middle school classroom because students are a little more active and involved, I like to call it “squirrely”, than a high school or college class.  I chose a math classroom partly because that was one of my favorite subjects in high school, and partly because I wanted a class that would have some interaction and a class I could stay awake in….unlike history or english.  The class was surprised to see me, but as soon as the teacher started talking, they became pretty engrossed in what he was saying.  It helped that he started the class with a joke.  He had a nice way of  keeping things personal and talking to the students as though they were equals and not just his students.  This made me like him instantly.  Mutual respect.  Throughout the class, the teacher got the students involved by having them ask questions, answer questions, and by having them solve problems on the board.  The teacher had a good tone of voice and seemed quite interested in what he was teaching which made the students a little more enthusiastic at learning the material.  He also was very intelligent when it came to the topics he was talking about and was even able to answer one of the students quizzical questions.  Overall, I was very impressed by the teacher at how he kept the students attention by interaction and being an overall fun teacher throughout a boring math class.

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