Tammy Baldwin for Senate!

Tammy Baldwin

To fulfill the public speaking blog entry for comm. 101, I attended an event at the Democratic headquarters with special guest speaker Tammy Baldwin. Tammy Baldwin is making her rounds for her campaign for U.S. Senate.  Tammy had arrived earlier than expected. This is because Tammy wanted to make her rounds speaking to every guest at the event in order to personalize the event.  This was very effective for her image, considering her speech appealed to her being empathetic towards the working class of Wisconsin, as oppose to the soon-to-be-former governor Scott Walker.

Tammy began her speech with a story from her childhood when she had lived with her grandparents.  When Tammy was about nine years old she was diagnosed with a very serious illness that left her hospitalized for quite some time.  The hospital had told her grandparents that insurance would not cover her hospital bills, essentially because her grandparents were not her immediate parents and therefore insurance wouldn’t consider them as her appropriate legal guardians.  Her grandparents paid her hospital bills out of their own pockets. She then went on to tell the audience how she was the author of the legislation that gave twenty-six year olds and under health insurance under their parent’s plan.

This led into the heart of Tammy’s campaign, in that she is standing by the rights of the middle and lower working class of Wisconsin, especially in light of the recent actions of Scott Walker.  Her main distinction being that Gov. Walker, as well as most of the 2012 Republican candidates do not fend for the majority of the country and instead stand by the big corporations.  She also noted how she, along with Senator Russ Feingold, voted against the repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act.  The Glass-Steagall Act was passed back in 1933 in response to the Great Depression. It was passed in order to protect bank depositors from the proverbial “Screw-overs” that big banks tend to pull on the working class.  She went on to commend the work of the Portage County Democratic headquarters for contributing their part in the Recall efforts against Scott Walker. This was about a week before the Recall count and spirits were very high considering they had surpassed their projected total on more than several occasions. I for one am standing by Tammy Baldwin, because I stand by the working citizens of Wisconsin.


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One Response to Tammy Baldwin for Senate!

  1. ChangWooUWSP says:

    It is good that you could think about her speech preparation process. Yes, it is always good to be there earlier and be prepared. 🙂

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