The Speech of a Pastor

Redeemer Lutheran Church

 I am a member of Redeemer Lutheran Church. Recently, my church called a new pastor, James Borgwardt. This was my first time hearing him preach, and I was very impressed. His main objective was to talk about “self-talkers.” His purpose was to persuade us to listen to God through devotions instead of always praying and talking to God about ourselves. Pastor Borgwardt incorporated humor into his sermon, using a Jerry Seinfeld example.

Pastor Borgwardt is an extremely effective and knowledgeable speaker. He had a very good use of hand gestures incorporated into his speech. Another good thing is he maintained almost complete eye gestures except for when he read the passages, which he did so word for word from the Bible. He did stumble on his words a couple times, but kept composure and continued just fine. He did use “um’s” a couple of times. I think that he could improve on that. He didn’t signal the conclusion or ending very well, but he did end with a touching story. He spoke slowly and clearly, with good voice projection. His speech was very engaging and easy to listen to.


About bryannataylor

I am a cheerleader at UW-Stevens Point, WI. I am going to be a Sports Psychologist with the majors of Psychology and Spanish.
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One Response to The Speech of a Pastor

  1. ChangWooUWSP says:

    It is good that you could apply something you learned from your class.

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