What a Math Teacher can do!

As I asked Mr. Dobbe from Rosholt School District at if I could watch his math class, I knew that this was going to be fun!  I know Mr. Dobbe from way back and I know that a lot of people say that he is a great teacher so I just wanted to see what everyone was talking about.  He started writing out long division math problems and the kids were not “yepiee” like most 5th graders are.

Mr. Dobbe showing the kids how to do long division.

In Mr. Dobbe’s presentation, he had MANY good points in his communication skills.  First off, he was great with the tone in his voice.  He was very clear in what he was communicating.  Mr. Dobbe gave many great gestures as well.  In all the presentations that I have watched, he used the right amount of gestures and used them at the right time as well.  Walking around a room seems to be really difficult for people while talking to others but not Mr. Dobbe.  He walked around the room and walked in between the isle of desks.  I think that Mr. Dobbe had great props as well.  He has a smart board in his class room and I think that it really helped with understanding long division like how he was explaining it.  Also, he gave the children little white boards so they can do the math as well.  These both, I think, help the child with math and make the subject more interesting.  And the best thing that I think that a presenter can EVER do is to invite participation in the room.  After everything that he explained, he asked if anyone had any questions.  That is something great and everyone should be like that.  Mr. Dobbe had the children come up to the smart board one by one so that they could do a problem themselves.  All the kids were super happy about this!  He also gave out candy for the kids if they got the question right which is an awesome way to invite participation.  For the kids that didn’t get the question right, they got candy but just not as much.  This was a different type of “speech” that we were all use to watching in  Communications 101 because it requires participation.  I think that this is more effective than just standing in front of the classroom talking.  I know that I should write something’s that I think that he could improve on but I honestly can’t.  This was a perfect presentation in my eyes.  I cannot say things that he can work on because I could not see one thing that he could work on!  I understand now why people say that he is such a great teacher!  Rosholt High School is lucky to have a teacher like him!

The kids were so interactive!


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I am from a very small town in Wisconsin and I am now attending UWSP. My major is Communicative Disorders. I love doing anything that is outdoors!
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