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Across America… (on a road bike)

On January 18th 2012, I went to see “Bicycle Dreams” at the Cedar Creek Cinema in Mosinee.  It was a movie about “crazy” people who feel the need to destroy their bodies on a 12 day race called Race Across … Continue reading

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Is Violence Going Down?

A speech done in 2007 by Steven Pinker, a psychologist and Harvard professor, was done about violence.  The main point of his speech was to attempt to persuade the audience that violence is on the decline.  His argument was valid and extremely persuasive. … Continue reading

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Oral Communication: A Necessary Life Skill

Oral communication is something that can be both be fun and extremely intimidating depending on the context that it is in.  I have found that for normal every day use, oral communication is relatively easy.  I don’t get nervous and … Continue reading

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