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I love the art of film and film narrative...I could elaborate but that would take quite a bit of time so if you really want to know, just come ask me, I'll gladly converse about art in general.

Tammy Baldwin for Senate!

To fulfill the public speaking blog entry for comm. 101, I attended an event at the Democratic headquarters with special guest speaker Tammy Baldwin. Tammy Baldwin is making her rounds for her campaign for U.S. Senate.  Tammy had arrived earlier … Continue reading

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I owe my sense of humor to the theater troupe this man attended….

I chose to watch the video on Charlie Todd simply from the title, “Shared Experience of Absurdity”.   It seemed intriguing enough given the subject matter; however I was very pleased to hear that this man was an improv comedy actor … Continue reading

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The Verbalized Art form

Anyone who wishes to express themselves thoughtfully is an artist. Therefore we are all artists. However, the bane of any artist is the need to express ourselves while being afraid of what the audience may think. Expression itself is a … Continue reading

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