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I am a sophomore at UWSP, I am nineteen years old and I am from Green Bay, Wisconsin.

A Saturday Night at Nativity Parish

I spent my Saturday night at the church I belong to called Nativity of Our Lords Parish, in Green Bay, Wisconsin.  I haven’t been to my church in a while so the priest was new to me, his name was … Continue reading

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Working With Others

I watched a video on Ramona Pierson, a women who was struck by a drunk driver at age 22, putting her into an 18-month coma.  She gave her speech on the events that took place at the scene of the accedent and her … Continue reading

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The importance of Public Speaking

I am a sophomore attending UWSP  as a elementary education.  I am currently taking a Oral Communications with Professor Chang Woo.  I have always been an outgoing person and I love meeting people, but presenting a speech in front of a … Continue reading

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