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Life Choices

For the community presentation I went to church at the St. Stephen’s Catholic Church in Stevens Point.  I had never been there before so it was an interesting experience for me.  The first thing I noticed about the presentation was … Continue reading

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The Ritual of Communication

I chose to watch presentation by Dr. Abraham Verghese on TED.com about the importance of communication between doctors and their patients. I found it interesting that, even though there are new advances in technology at alarming rates, these “advances” are … Continue reading

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Living Hope Community Church Service

Today my parents and I went to Living Hope Community Church in Fox Lake, Wisconsin. The church was beautiful on the inside as well as outside. The people were very welcoming and courteous. One of the elders gave announcements after we … Continue reading

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Why Take Oral Communications?

\I never thought taking an oral communications class would ever help with future careers. I recently learned that no matter what job you may have in the future there is a good chance of having to give a oral presentation, … Continue reading

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I Have Been Avoiding This Class For Over 3 Years

My name is Alyssa Plante and I am in my fourth year here at UWSP.  I am studying Business Administration with an emphasis in Marketing.  Ever since I was a freshman here at Point, I have been dreading the day … Continue reading

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So Much More Than a GDR

  I am a freshman at the University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point.  The only reason I signed up for Communication 101 is because it is required of all students.  I am a Pre-Nursing student and before this class I … Continue reading

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Oral Communication: a functional art form

Although, like most of my peers, I have enrolled in Comm 101 for the sole purpose of fullfiling a graduation requirement, I recognize and respect the art and skill required to be an effective public speaker.  Currently undertaking my fourth year as a Biology/Pre-Med student … Continue reading

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