Missing God’s Call

I attended church mass Sunday morning, January 15th. I went to a catholic church named Our Lady of Lourdes. I went with my friend Kristina and her mom, Ellen. The church is quite large and nicely decorated. We sat in a pew and waited for the pastor to talk.

His name is Pastor Tim Schillcox, and he is a decent speaker. When he was giving mass he seemed to drag it out longer than other pastors do. I can tell that he likes to share God’s word and that he enjoys telling stories. He told a story about his great great grandfather which grabbed my attention because I wanted to know how it related to us today.

Another point of his mass was that we could tune him out whenever we wanted and think that we are missing God’s call, but if we fell asleep during church we would still hear God’s call to us in our dreams. As he talked about this, I could tell he was really excited. When he was excited and talked, and stands on his tip toes which is sort of funny. It was a little distracting as a listener but I still understood his point.

Overall it was a good church mass and he had great voice inflections and it wasn’t monotone at all which helped keep me interested. He did use hand gestures but not too many or too big to be distracting. He has had may years of experience of talking in front of many people and it shows that he is quite comfortable.

I can think of his enthusiasm in anything he says and apply it to my speech presentations. No matter what you’re talking about you should always put emotion into it to keep your audience interested. If the speaker is interested in it, then the audience will be more likely to listen. Also the biggest thing I need improvement on being comfortable while talking which he is great at. I took a lot away from his mass because I know what to look for now in a speaker and he did a really good job at speaking.


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My Name is Sammy and I'm from the Green Bay area in Wisconsin. I love volleyball and anything to do with dance. I'm a dietetics major and love to cook food!
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